A summer project by Emma Willett and Rafail Panagi (Y2 students, University of Birmingham)

The acoustic pulsations of a solar mass star have been sonified in a way that would help an interested member of the public get an intuitive understanding of what happens to stars as they evolve. Different stellar features have been explored, including pitch change due to radius increase during evolution, frequency splitting due to increased stellar core rotation period, and increased presence of modes of mixed character during the evolution (allowing stars with similar surface properties, yet in different evolutionary stages, to be distinguished). The poster has been made interactive through the use of conductive paint. The user can trigger a sound recording corresponding to the different stellar properties above, using the proximity sensors in different regions of the poster. This creates a tool which allows members of the public to intuitively understand the changes to stars during their evolution.

A description of the project and including instructions on how to build the interactive poster can be dowloaded here.
Click here to download the full set of codes / images used.