Here is a list of seminars organised by our group:

Speaker Title When
Aldo Serenelli Mass determination across the HRD. 29 Mar 2021
Giada Casali Stellar dating using chemical clocks. 22 Mar 2021
Yveline Lebreton SPInS, a pipeline for massive stellar parameter inference. 15 Mar 2021
Emily Leiner A census of blue stragglers in Gaia DR2 open clusters as a test of population synthesis and mass transfer physics. 8 Mar 2021
Xianfei Zhang & Simon Jeffery The helium-white dwarf red-giant merger channel for the production of lithium-rich giants. 1 Mar 2021
Salvatore Taibi Stellar chemo-kinematics of isolated Local Group dwarf galaxies. 22 Feb 2021
Martin Farnir Low mass stars seismic analysis along their evolution with WhoSGlAd and EGGMiMoSA 2 Dec 2020
Marco Tailo Mass-loss along the red giant branch in 46 globular clusters and their multiple populations 25 Nov 2020
Payel Das Ages and kinematics of chemically selected, accreted Milky Way halo stars 18 Nov 2020
Carme Gallart The History of the Galactic disc and halo from Gaia DR2 HR diagram fitting 11 Nov 2020
Jianhui Lian The Milky Way's star formation history as constrained from its stellar chemical abundance distribution 03 Nov 2020
Enrico Corsaro Fast and Automated Peak bagging with DIAMONDS (FAMED) 21 Oct 2020
Neige Frankel What Sets the Radial Structure of the MW Disk? 9 Mar 2020
Nicholas Boardman Milky Way Analogues in MaNGA. 16 Jan 2020
Charlotte Gehan Evolution of the core rotation of stars on the red giant branch and stellar inclination measurements. 22 May 2019
Mathieu Vrard Characterization of the structural discontinuities present in the interiors of red giant stars. 14 May 2019
Andreas Joergensen Using 3D envelopes to better understand stellar structures and evolution. 30 Apr 2019
Arlette Noels A crash course on stellar evolution. 14 Feb 2019
William Chantereau The exciting life of old stellar clusters. 8 Feb 2019